STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRIX.  As per my usual protocol, no statistical significance was assigned to the axis term, here the lowest ELS of STORMY D. in wrapped or unwrapped Torah (this matrix is unwrapped, requiring less than one computer pass through Torah to find). The most significant a priori key termUNCLEAN, UNCLEAN was found in the open text against odds of about 199 to 1. Next is significance was TRUMP which was found against odds of about 133 to 1. Before discussing the rest of the matrix I'd like to clarify two issues. First, with respect to the repetition UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN, the CNN moderator who interviewed the tramp calling herself Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) was Anderson Cooper, a practicing homosexual. His own conduct as such is certainly, in the Biblical sense of the term, UNCLEAN. Note the the term UNCLEAN means spiritually or ritually unclean. The interview of Stormy which was on 60 Minutes on March 25, 2018 was preceded by another interview by Anderson Cooper of a Playboy Playmate (nude model) named Karen McDougal who also used his show to announce that she was the mistress of Trump for 10 months while Melania Trump was pregnant. That interview was only 3 days earlier (March 22, 2018). Both women claimed to have unprotected sex about a decade before he became President. McDougal claimed that Trump took her to his home at Trump Tower in New York, showed her Melania's bedroom, and then they had sex. So the double UNCLEAN calls to mind both affairs, and it also calls to mind what you get when a porno star is interviewed by a homosexual (ditto for an adulterous Playboy Playmate with a homosexual).

       Now, a word about the spelling of President's last name. The spelling shown on the matrix is the version used in the press in accordance with Modern Hebrew - Tet resh alef mem pey. When I find it on a matrix I only use the frequency of that preferred spelling to obtain frequency on Torah and statistical significance. However you will often see another spelling used on my matrices about Trump. That one is Tav resh alef mem pey. There are two Hebrew letters for T in Hebrew - tet and tav. Tav is far more common in Hebrew. The two spelling produce identical sounds if vowel marks are not shown. Note that no vowel marks are never shown in a real Torah. But, when I look up the meaning of Tav resh alef mem pey, I find not Trump. Rather Google Translates offer TRAMP! Well, Trump certainly likes Tramps. I'll still continue to use this transliteration of his name, but when I find it I use the frequency of both spellings to compute statistical value. That typically drops its value by about 89.55% because in one computer pass through there are 9,192 ELSs of Trump with the tav as first letter but only 960 ELSs with tet as thte first letter.

       I wasn't sure at first about including LESBIAN on the matrix because it required an extra 14 columns on the right to show it, but it was found against odds of about 66 to 1 so it was worth including.  According to Wikipedia there was a time when Stormy only made lesbian porno films.

       There were a number of terms on the matrix that dealt with money. We read FOR THE FEMALE THE VALUATION WILL BE 3 SHEKELS OF SILVER. What's the value of a biblical half shekel used in a census and what are 3 shekels worth today? According to Rabbi , Maimonides writes (Laws of Shekalim 1:5) that the half shekel mentioned in the Torah – the annual contribution every Jew was required to give to the Temple coffers – is equal to 160 grains of barley, which, in modern measurements, would be approximately eight grams of silver. It is impossible to know silver's value in biblical times. At today's rate of approximately 17 US dollars per ounce, 8 grams of silver is around five dollars. Since 3 shekels are on the matrix touching STORMY D. as the value of a female, the Torah might be making a humorous statement that an act of sex with her might be worth about $30.00. That's not much, but she was a pornography star who had unprotected sex with people. Therefore she was and is a threat to public health and safety. For sure, $130,000 in hush money should have made her happy, but apparently she had greater ambitions.

       As horrible as all this sounds, we should remember that all this happened in 2006, ten years before Trump was elected President. Thiat's not as bad as what happened when Bill Clinton was abusing his office as Governor of Arkansas, and later as President. That the term FOR THE FEMALE THE VALUATION was appropriately on the line below STORMY D. is not surprising (to me, at least, after 21 years of Codes studies). When dealing with a whore there is always a question of what she will charge and how she might use the contact to extract more from her customer later. SHEKELS was in the matrix against odds of about 44 to 1, and PROSTITUTION is at a special case skip (+/- 1 or the absolute skip of the axis term) against odds of about 22 to 1. PRESIDENT is in the open test against odds of a little over 6 to 1.

      The only term that wasn't statistically significant was MUELLER. Hopefully this means that the corrupt special prosecutor will not succeed in getting the President to answer any questions about his affairs that would lead, as with Clinton, to charges of perjury and an impeachment. Did Stormy actually sleep with Trump? You can't tell from the photo of them together. He has likely had tens of thousands of women stand next to him like that for a photo, and surely some of them would be tempted to make something more of it than was merited. Those of us who voted for him in 2016 didn't do so because we wanted a saint for President. We voted for someone who would rebuild our military, stand up to and defeat our enemies, and fix our economy. At least no one is asking if the First Lady is a transgender man, as was said in 2014 by Joan Rivers (just two months before she died) about Michelle Obama.

      THE ODDS AGAINST THIS MATRIX WERE ABOUT 11,334,824,204 to 1. This is an extremely significant matrix.