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Note to NASA Ames and DOD: Thanks! This page was under construction on 6/26/2012 but I forgot about it until I did a radio show about Time on 3/14/2018. The show mentioned you both (although I later learned that Ames hits were likely from Fort Huachuca). When I saw you on the article I realized that it had a fantastic matrix about my son and time-related research. With assistance from friends in DoD, I completed and updated the article. Enjoy!

I will repeat what was originally written by back in 2012. Where I have update remarks I will use dark blue fonts to call attention to it.

      This article is being written in June, 2012 as a challenge to “my know it all” son, David A. Roffman. David graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the age of 18 with a B.S. in space physics. He will start his physics PhD studies at the University of Florida in August, 2012.

Update note of 3/16/2018: David completed his PhD in August 2016. He did a 10-month post doc at Yale after that, and he now works as a physicist in Melbourne, Florida. Some of the skills that he's acquiring on his new job  could be valuable if he decides to continue time-related research.

       David is a skeptical young man, who (like most physicists today) hasn’t yet seen any convincing evidence of the theoretical faster-than light tachyons that I mentioned when I discussed the Bible Code on the History Channel (see Part 3 of this link).

Update note of 3/16/2018: David has now seen evidence that suggests information can be sent back in time. While not necessarily linked to tachyons, he is certain that the Torah Code matrices presented on this site are not likely to be due to chance alone. He is also aware of the potential implications of an encounter that I had on August 1, 2016 with a government official who followed me to the Cape Canaveral Library. The agent seemed to know not just that David wrote his PhD thesis on nanotechnology, but that he would also go on to be of value in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The way the agent was able to track me to the library and position himself before our encounter was, to put it mildly, quite weird. You can read about the incident at this link.
Tachyons could be used to send a signal into the past.

      Nor, despite his own verification of the math that I use for statistical analyses of Torah Code matrices, has David yet accepted the reality of the Torah Code.

Update note of 3/16/2018: As noted above, that attitude has changed. He still isn't religious, but he thinks the source of the Code may be from an AI program written in the future. It is important, in order to minimize the chance of an information paradox or causality problem that such a program be developed without having any access to the Torah. David agrees that one way to convince scientists that the Code is not the product of human hands, an AI program or aliens is for God (assuming He exists) to fulfill Biblical verses (promises) pertaining to reversing the arrow of time in order to bring about the resurrection of the dead. This process is most vividly described in Ezekiel 37:1-14.

So, in this article, I will show what happens when the axis term TACHYON TIME is combined with the shortest transliteration of our family’s last name, ROFFMAN. This doesn’t mean that either the Torah Code or tachyons are currently proven. Rather, the article is a challenge my son to find out if tachyons are indeed part of the solution for what he seeks – the physical and mathematical rules for Creation. Should he indeed find the answer one day, then this article will serve as a reminder that God made tachyons and He foresaw their discovery first. Note: A September 2011 report about tachyonic neutrinos was proven incorrect.

Matrix 1 Above: There are lots of terms on the matrix that relate to tachyons. My son, David Roffman, has yet to accept their existance, or to fully accept the Torah Code. Therefore, the matrix (with his last name on it at skip -1) is presented to him as a challenge to prove both when he has the time and/or funding to do so.


       On Matrix 1 the axis term TACHYON TIME was chosen because it puts in sequence the hypothetical faster-than-light TACHYON particle with its alleged odd property of moving backwards in TIME.  As noted by Einstein, and Tolman, special relativity implies that faster than light particles, if they existed, could be used to communicate backwards in time (see Tachyonic antitelephone article). The open text phrase classically translated as AND IN THE PROCESS OF TIME from Genesis 4:3 matches up well (in 176-letter box) with the axis term. The term is more accurately translated as IT CAME TO PASS AFTER DAYS or IT CAME TO PASS FROM END OF DAYS.  Time is closely linked with Light. On the matrix FROM LIGHT is at the same skip as TACHYON TIME.   

      Perpendicular to and sharing a letter with FROM LIGHT is PERPENDICULAR.  This key word was sought because in a 2003 paper entitled Electromagnetic String Fluid in Rolling Tachyon by Chanju Kim et al., it is stated that, “Tachyonic vacua are characterized by magnitudes of the electric and magnetic fields and the angle between them… the obtained configuration may be interpreted as a fluid consisting of string-like objects carrying electric and magnetic fields. They are stretched along one direction and the rolling tachyon move in a perpendicular direction to the strings.” Two words for STRING are on Matrix 1, but they are not at a special case skip (+/- 1 or the absolute skip of the axis term). The word PERPENDICULAR was also a key word because (as is shown in the next image) electric and magnetic fields oscillate together but perpendicular to each other and the electromagnetic wave moves in a direction perpendicular to both of the fields.

       Special note to our friends in Arizona. Thanks for redirecting us back to the paper at Your choice of an IP address at Morley Drive in Perth, Australia was brilliant! The math is above my head, but hopefully not too hard for David to handle. I will ask him to attempt to digest it, but he will likely respond better to a direct request from you or your associates.

oscillating electric and magnetic fields

      Finally, there are many ways to spell David Roffman’s last name in Hebrew. Consonants are rarely double in Hebrew. Vowels are often left out. The shortest transliteration of ROFFMAN is resh feh mem nun. This is shown on the 320-letter matrix. Before going further, let’s examine the Wikipedia illustration for how tachyons supposedly move:


Of the above image, Wikipedia writes, “Because a tachyon always moves faster than light, we cannot see it approaching. After a tachyon has passed nearby, we would be able to see two images of it, appearing and departing in opposite directions. The black line is the shock wave of Cherenkov radiation, shown only in one moment of time. This double image effect is most prominent for an observer located directly in the path of a superluminal object (in this example a sphere, shown in grey). The right hand bluish shape is the image formed by the blue-doppler shifted light arriving at the observer—who is located at the apex of the black Cherenkov lines—from the sphere as it approaches. The left-hand reddish image is formed from red-shifted light that leaves the sphere after it passes the observer. Because the object arrives before the light, the observer sees nothing until the sphere starts to pass the observer, after which the image-as-seen-by-the-observer splits into two—one of the arriving sphere (to the right) and one of the departing sphere (to the left).”

       Of course, the reference to Doppler shift means that we are discussing waves. On the Matrix 1, the key word WAVES is found ar skip +1.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF MATRIX 1. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here TACHYON TIME at its only ELS in the Torah Code. By far, the most significant term found was my own family name, ROFFMAN at skip -1. However, while I hope this alludes to my son's future research in physics, it could just as easily refer to the fact that I mentioned signals (tachyons) that may go into the past when asked a question about the source of the Torah Code on my History Channel appearance. This simplest transliteration of our family name (amounting to RFMN) does not include a first name. The name appears at a special case skip against odds of about 318 to 1. This is the only time in Torah that the name appears at an absolute skip of 1 (it occurs twice at the absolute skip of TACHYON TIME). The 4-letter spelling of the name is permissible because (in Hebrew) vowel letters are often left out of the spelling of a name.

        AND IN THE PROCESS OF TIME from Genesis 4:3 is a spectacular example of how in the Torah Code we often see the theme of the axis term repeated in the crossing open text. In fact, in searching for tachyons, science is also searching for a fundamental understanding of the process of time itself. However, when it comes to my calculation protocol, I don't add any value to the matrix as a result of this phrase simply because it was found a posteriori when I read the crossing material. To count statistically I would have had to have anticipated this specific phrase being there. This, of course, does not mean that the Author of the Code didn't put it there deliberately. I think He did, but that's just my unsubstantiated opinion. The phrase FROM LIGHT is a priori. It's there at a special case skip (that of TACHYON TIME) against odds of about 20 to 1. 

       PERPENDICULAR is at skip +1 against odds of about 7 to 1. There were three synonyms from my CodeFinder dictionary sought for it. The reason that there is not more significance to this term is that the spelling found has another much more common meaning - I, which occurs 143 times in Torah. Two words for STRING are on Matrix 1, but they are not at a special case skip. To do any kind of serious research into tachyons requires mastery of String Theory.

Update note of 3/16/2018: Back in 2012 David was looking forward to studying String Theory when he got to grad school. However when he got there he learned that to test it we need an accelerator the size of a galaxy.  He now works with accelerators every day, and he assures us that none of them anywhere approach that kind of size. Therefore he says that he views String Theory as something akin to religious doctrine, i.e., an idea that can't be tested.

        One of the 4-letter synonyms for STRING was virtually certain to be on the matrix. Neither the 4-letter nor the harder to find 3-letter synonym shown were at special case skips. I take the conservative option of just using the frequencies of the easier to find term here. There were four other key words sought (and found around the axis term), but only one of them is shown on Matrix 1: WAVES. It appeared at skip +1 against odds of about 73 to 1. The other terms (ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM and FIELD are shown on Matrix 2, along with THERE IS AN ION and FROM LIGHT which are both at the skip of TACHYON TIME. Overall, the terms that appeared on Matrix 1 are there against odds of about 3,557,415 to 1. That's enough to keep me nagging my son about the importance of continuing the hunt for tachyons, even though this field of research is not as well funded as that searching for the also still-to-be-discovered gravitons and gravitational waves.

Update note of 3/16/2018: Wikipedia states that, "The first observation of gravitational waves was made on 14 September 2015 and was announced by the LIGO and Virgo collaborations on 11 February 2016.[3][4][5] Previously gravitational waves had only been inferred indirectly, via their effect on the timing of pulsars in binary star systems."

Gravitons have still not been found. Wikipedia states, "In speculative theories of quantum gravity, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory (QFT). In QFT, the fundamental forces are mediated by the exchange of particles, and if such a particle exists for gravity, QFT would describe all of the known forces. However, there is no complete theory of gravitons due to an outstanding mathematical problem with renormalization. Lacking such a theory, the most complete theory of gravitation is general relativity, a non-QFT system. This problem has been a major motivation for models beyond quantum field theory, such as string theory."



Two dimensional representation of gravitational waves generated by two neutron stars orbiting each other.



Matrix 2 looks largely to the right and above the same axis term as that on Matrix 1. On it we find MAGNETISM (at skip -1), ELECTRICITY, FIELD, and THERE IS AN ION as possible hints at what will play a role in finding tachyons. At the same skip on this matrix is TACHYON TIME, THERE IS AN ION and FROM LIGHT.

STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF MATRIX 2. Again, as per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here TACHYON TIME at its only ELS in the Torah Code. The most significant term on this figure is MAGNETISM which is there against odds of about 69 to 1. ION was there against odds of about 5 to 1. The odds would have been more impressive if I had guessed to look for the full 6-letter ELS of THERE IS AN ION, but I didn't. Neither ELECTRICITY nor FIELD were significant on a matrix this large, and I didn't include FROM LIGHT in the calculation because it was found previously in conjunction with Matrix 1. Overall, Matrix 2 existed against odds of about 474 to 1, which is far less impressive than the odds for Matrix 1 (3,557,415 to 1). It appears that the only term of real statistical value on Matrix 2 is MAGNETISM.

STATISTICS VS. READING THE CODE. The fact that THERE IS AN ION and FIELD were not statistically important by my statistcal protocol does not mean that they should be dismissed when attempting to read the Code in search of hints about tachyons.

       In 2000 J. K. Kowalczynski of the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science published an article entitled A HYPOTHESIS ON PRODUCTION OF TACHYONS. In it he distinguishes between studies conducted at the level of special relativity and those done via general relativity. He states that in special relativity "pictures the tachyon does not generate any field. In general relativity the situation is different, since there we know some exact solutions of the Einstein and Einstein–Maxwell equations that describe spacetimes generated by the tachyonic sources. These spacetimes, filled with gravitational and electromagnetic fields, are bounded by tachyon shock waves which are singular in terms of these solutions." The word FIELD in Hebrew is only three letters. Such short words rarely impart great statistical value, especially when not at a special case skip. At six letters with the same skip as the axis term TACHYON TIME, THERE IS AN ION is a phrase that is more interesting. In fact, this expression can be shown in a small sub-matrix with the axis term that is only 3 columns by 21 rows (63 letters). Odds against THERE IS AN ION appearing at a special case skip in such a small matrix with TACHYON TIME were about 4,838 to 1.

       Does the phrase THERE IS AN ION tell us anything about whether we should take a special or general relativity approach to the pursuit of tachyons? If Kowalczynski was right, yes. He claims, "In reality there is a thin “skin” enveloping the spacetime (space) generated by the tachyon. This “skin” is made of finite but relatively strong fieldsgravitational and electromagnetic. The presence of the electromagnetic field means that our tachyon is an ionizing object." If there is an ionizing object, it follows that THERE IS AN ION (or ions) produced by it. Thus the reference to ions and fields may suggest that the best way to pursue tachyon knowledge is in conjunction with general relativity rather than special relativity.

Below: Calculation for the statistical significance of Matrix 2.

WOULD GOD BE FOOLISH TO INVENT TACHYONS? In this Section we will look at standard objections to tachyons that pertain to causality paradoxes. My son (David) thinks God would be foolish to allow for the existence of superluminal (faster than light) tachyons because, if mastered by mankind, they would allow us to send signals into the past, thus letting us rewrite history (which, of course, would include the Bible). My task, as his father (and teacher), is to strive to make sure that he understands the importance of an open mind in any scientific investigation. We must go where the data takes us, rather than just where we want the data to take us.  As such, before focusing on tachyons and the specific math that I want my son to look at after he has had a graduate level course in general relativity (probably in 2013).

Update note of 3/18/2018: Having earned his PhD David now tells me that he studied general relativity and special relativity in the courses for Modern Physics, Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics. Nonetheless today I will loan him my copy of an excellent book entitled Time Travel and Warp Drives, A Scientic Guide to Shortcuts through Time and Space (2012) by Allen Everett (Tufts University) and Thomas Roman (Central Connecticut State University). I'm hoping this work will serve to help him focus his efforts to answer critical time-related questions. 

I'm going to start the discussion with a matrix found in a book that, as an Orthodox Jew, I automatically reject as Holy Writ - the New Testament. Judaism places it in the same category as the Koran, and the Book of Mormon (not worthy of canonization). We reject all three because they all accept the Nazarene as the Messiah. We see the Messiah as having one major purpose and it's not starting holy wars or saving souls. His job, we believe, is to permanently end wars and to save lives!

     Intel update Note of 21 March 2018. This article ws accessed today by the Information Technology Company of Tabriz, Iran (IP address, AS58224 Iran Telecommunication Company PJS, Organization tbriz- adsl). We regard all hits by Iran as hostile unless proven otherwise. This is especially true when we mention Islam or potential military action against Iran. 

It should not be there, but....

It would seem obvious that there should be no ELS encoding in the King James Bible (especially the New Testament) because it is translated from other languages where words have different numbers of letters than is the case in English. As such, in ARK CODE on page 173 you will find an e-mail that I wrote to CodeFinder’s producer (Kevin Acres) on March 1, 2000 asking him to remove the New Testament from his software:



Certainly English and Greek translations of Tenach or New Testament should be labeled as being there for control purposes. A King James Version of the Bible differs quite radically from a Revised Standard Version. Ancient New Testament fragments and texts like the Sinaticus or Vaticanus manuscripts also differ significantly from the King James Version in content and meaning. Inclusion of New Testament scriptures makes the product somewhat “traif,” that is, nonkosher to Jews who have the greatest ability to use the program for research purposes.




Kevin’s response (pages 173-174) set off a firestorm. In it he noted that with his software he had detected that BARDAWIL, the lake around the suspect Ark site, which appeared at an ELS only once in the New Testament. It occurred at skip -21,829. In the open text, starting at the first letter A in BARDAWIL, and was in AND THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. Given the fact that the Ark is cited with this name only once in the New Testament, and that the text has 739,167 letters, Kevin asserted that the odds against such a close meeting of terms were just over 10,000:1. However, with a 172-letter matrix required to show the match (8 rows by 22 columns) my spreadsheet probability technique indicates that 4,200:1 is closer to the truth – not as significant as what Kevin claims, although still interesting.

      Kevin also noted that his matrix included PROOF FOR CORRECTION (to my attitude) just above ARK OF THE COVENANT, with the words SOFT and WEAR in columns above it. The word WEAR is suggestive of WARE. Of course you can't find these terms without software.

Update note of 3/18/2018: In 2000 I really didn't focus on software as a possible source of the Torah. However, now that my son is becoming a master of artificial intelligence and now that we realize that an AI could overcome certain causality problems arising from a human author, this matrix takes on additional significance.

A human author would not necessarily reject the New Testament as an object to encode, but he or she would likely not center efforts on this book  because unlike the Torah (with exactly 304,805 letters that are always the same from one Torah to the next) there is not a standard text or translation that all scholars and Christian faiths accept. The book is absolutely full of enormous self-contradictions. For example, let's digress a moment and look at the genealogy of the Nazarene at the center of Christianity as elaborated in the books of Matthew and Luke. They are given in the Table below which shows 28 generations from King David back to the Nazarene according to Matthew 1:6 to 1:16, but a whopping  43 generations according to Luke 3:23-31!


Generation Number

As found in Matthew 1:6-16

As found in Luke 3:23-31


































































































































        Kevin did not discuss what was one line above BARDAWIL in the open text - FOOLISHNESS OF GOD, which brings us back to the question of tachyon reality. Note that despite the match of the ARK OF THE COVENANT with BARDAWIL, this prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. However, the allusion to SOFT and WEAR in light of our AI hypothesis is an intriguing one. For the record, my son has not read the New Testament and isn't likely to read it either, so if he decides to take on the project there would probably not be a paradox issue, but I doubt he would touch anything to encoded on the matter. His desire, if anything, would simply be to create a parallel universe where there never was a man born who would state that his purpose was to bring the sword (Matthew 10:34) and division (Luke 12:51), and thus nobody born who would inspire Inquisistions, Crusades, Pogroms and, of course, the Holocaust. 

       David's attitude raises the issue of what happens when paradoxes are an issue in reverse time travel scenarios. Not that he is currently a religious Jew, if David had his way there would never have been religions that split off from Judaism, or that did a bad job copying it. But such a world is clearly not our world. If he went back in time and killed not only an ancestor of central figures of other faiths including one who just so happened to be one of his ancestors too, would David then disappear? Would all records of the many people descended from them or those who acted based on the understandings of their doctrines disappear? The general answer most often given is - No, but such actions would set up parallel worlds. The religious leaders of our world would continue in our world, but not in a parallel world which would go on to develop in a very different way.

       The alternative idea is known as the "banana peel mechanism." In such a world something always happens to prevent the paradoxical action. In a banana peel world if you go back in time to kill your grandfather your gun must fail to fire, or perhaps he wins a cruise and has sailed away from where you knew he should be, etc.. This was portrayed in the 2002 re-make of the movie The Time Machine. In it the Time Traveler’s fiancé is murdered right after he proposes. The scientist later invents his time machine and goes back in time to save his love. He keeps her from the park where she had been shot, but then sees her run over by horse and carriage and killed that way. Such a world sounds more like one with a controlling God than this one because it seems like someone has to figure out what the effective block to altering an outcome is.

Matrix 3: A bit of foolishness encoded with Bardawil, the suspect site of the Ark of the Covenant.

Discussion of Tachyons in relativistic theory (from Wikipedia).

    In special relativity, a faster than light particle would have space-like four-momentum,[1] by contrast to ordinary particles that have time-like four-momentum. It would have imaginary mass and space-like four-momentum. Being constrained to the spacelike portion of the energy-momentum graph, it could not slow down to subluminal speeds.[1]


       In a Lorentz invariant theory, the same formulas that apply to ordinary slower-than-light particles (sometimes called "bradyons" in discussions of tachyons) must also apply to tachyons. In particular the energy-momentum relation:

                           E2 = p2c2 m2c4

 (where p is the relativistic momentum of the bradyon and m is its rest mass) should still apply, along with the formula for the total energy of a particle:


E2 = mc2





       This equation shows that the total energy of a particle (bradyon or tachyon) contains a contribution from its rest mass (the "rest mass-energy") and a contribution from its motion, the kinetic energy. When v is larger than c, the denominator in the equation for the energy is "imaginary", as the value inside the square root is negative. Because the total energy must be real, the numerator must also be imaginary: i.e., the rest mass m must be imaginary, as a pure imaginary number divided by another pure imaginary number is a real number. All of this is strongly hinted at on Matrix 4 which pairs the same axis term shown on Matrices 1 and 2 (TACHYON TIME) with IMAGINARY in the blue background highlighted 112-letter box shown against odds of about 2,721 to 1.
       Matrix 4 also includes a transliteration of NEUTRON at skip -2, however it is not one of three transliterations found in my Hebrew dictionaries, and it requires expansion to the left for another 8 columns to see it. Why is the reference to the neutron germaine to a tachyon story? Because the hypothesis published by J. K. Kowalczynski is that the tachyon is produced when a neutral subatomic particle (i.e., a neutron) of sufficiently large rest mass (the generative particle) is placed in the strong electromagnetic field (the initiating field) that he describes in his article. The generative particle is then annihilated giving birth to the tachyon.

Matrix 4: The whole tachyon controversy revolves around imaginary numbers that crop up when the speed of light is exceeded. On this figure it can can seen that a 6-letter word for IMAGINARY is encoded in 112 letters with TACHYON TIME.



One curious effect is that, unlike ordinary particles, the speed of a tachyon increases as its energy decreases. In particular, E approaches zero when v approaches infinity. (For ordinary bradyonic matter, E increases with increasing speed, becoming arbitrarily large as v approaches c, the speed of light). Therefore, just as bradyons are forbidden to break the light-speed barrier, so too are tachyons forbidden from slowing down to below c, because infinite energy is required to reach the barrier from either above or below.

As noted by Einstein, Tolman, and others, special relativity implies that faster than light particles, if they existed, could be used to communicate backwards in time (see Tachyonic antitelephone article).[7]


As long ago as 1985 it was proposed by Chodos et al. that neutrinos can have a tachyonic nature.[8] The possibility of standard model particles moving at superluminal speeds can be modelled using Lorentz invariance violating terms, for example in the Standard-Model Extension[9][10][11]. In this framework, neutrinos experience Lorentz-violating oscillations and can travel faster than light at high energies. On the other hand, the above-mentioned proposal by Chodos et al. was strongly criticized by some researchers.[12]

Cherenkov radiation

A tachyon with an electric charge would lose energy as Cherenkov radiation[13]—just as ordinary charged particles do when they exceed the local speed of light in a medium. A charged tachyon traveling in a vacuum therefore undergoes a constant proper time acceleration and, by necessity, its worldline forms a hyperbola in space-time. However, as we have seen, reducing a tachyon's energy increases its speed, so that the single hyperbola formed is of two oppositely charged tachyons with opposite momenta (same magnitude, opposite sign) which annihilate each other when they simultaneously reach infinite speed at the same place in space. (At infinite speed the two tachyons have no energy each and finite momentum of opposite direction, so no conservation laws are violated in their mutual annihilation. The time of annihilation is frame dependent.)

Even an electrically neutral tachyon would be expected to lose energy via gravitational Cherenkov radiation, because it has a gravitational mass, and therefore increase in speed as it travels, as described above. If the tachyon interacts with any other particles, it can also Cherenkov radiate energy into those particles. Neutrinos interact with the other particles of the Standard Model, and Andrew Cohen and Sheldon Glashow recently used this to argue that the Neutrino anomaly cannot be explained by making neutrinos propagating faster than light, and must instead be due to an error in the experiment.[14]


Causality is a fundamental principle of physics. If tachyons can transmit information faster than light, then according to relativity they violate causality, leading to logical paradoxes of the "kill your own grandfather" type. This is often illustrated with thought experiments such as the "tachyon telephone paradox"[7] or "logically pernicious self-inhibitor."[15]

The problem can be understood in terms of the relativity of simultaneity in special relativity, which says that different inertial reference frames will disagree on whether two events at different locations happened "at the same time" or not, and they can also disagree on the order of the two events (technically, these disagreements occur when spacetime interval between the events is 'space-like', meaning that neither event lies in the future light cone of the other).[16]

If one of the two events represents the sending of a signal from one location and the second event represents the reception of the same signal at another location, then as long as the signal is moving at the speed of light or slower, the mathematics of simultaneity ensures that all reference frames agree that the transmission-event happened before the reception-event.[16] However, in the case of a hypothetical signal moving faster than light, there would always be some frames in which the signal was received before it was sent, so that the signal could be said to have moved backwards in time. Because one of the two fundamental postulates of special relativity says that the laws of physics should work the same way in every inertial frame, if it is possible for signals to move backwards in time in any one frame, it must be possible in all frames. This means that if observer A sends a signal to observer B which moves faster than light in A's frame but backwards in time in B's frame, and then B sends a reply which moves faster than light in B's frame but backwards in time in A's frame, it could work out that A receives the reply before sending the original signal, challenging causality in every frame and opening the door to severe logical paradoxes.[17] Mathematical details can be found in the tachyonic antitelephone article, and an illustration of such a scenario using spacetime diagrams can be found here.[18]

Reinterpretation Principle

The reinterpretation principle[19][1][17] asserts that a tachyon sent back in time can always be reinterpreted as a tachyon traveling forward in time, because observers cannot distinguish between the emission and absorption of tachyons. The attempt to detect a tachyon from the future (and violate causality) would actually create the same tachyon and send it forward in time (which is causal).

However, this principle is not widely accepted as resolving the paradoxes.[7][20][17] Instead, what would be required to avoid paradoxes is that unlike any known particle, tachyons do not interact in any way and can never be detected or observed, because otherwise a tachyon beam could be modulated and used to create an anti-telephone[7] or a "logically pernicious self-inhibitor".[15] All forms of energy are believed to interact at least gravitationally, and many authors state that superluminal propagation in Lorentz invariant theories always leads to causal paradoxes.[21][22]

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS. The re-write of this article was finished by the night of 3/19/2018. Many thanks to the cryptic messages sent by NASA and DoD. They have been most helpful. It's clear at this point that we will need to devote more attention to Electromagnetic String Fluid in Rolling Tachyon by Chanju Kim et al.. They state that, “Tachyonic vacua are characterized by magnitudes of the electric and magnetic fields and the angle between them… the obtained configuration may be interpreted as a fluid consisting of string-like objects carrying electric and magnetic fields. They are stretched along one direction and the rolling tachyon move in a perpendicular direction to the strings.” We need to elaborate on that. 

      With respect to how this work can best be accomplished, it is not helpful that Brookhaven National Laboratory has my Reverse IP address and uses it to secretly explore and my other sites (see evidence here). There is no data that I have that I would deny to the U.S. Government. All they have to do is request it - no court order is required. So long as their loyalty is with the United States - meaning to the Constitution of the United States), we are on the same side. On the other hand, some of my data may suggest people who pose as allies that are not. For example, one set of Drake Holding IP addresses seen today reverses into DoD (, but a very similar set of addresses ( reversed into Iran. It is important to understand that my son and I serve the United States but not necessarily the United States Establishment. We are aware that many Government workers held over from the Obama Administration (and on into the Biden Administration) are working against the national interests of the U. S. We are only here to assist those working for the national interests of the U. S., and we do not see those long term interests as being best served by publication of disinformation to maintain mass delusion about certain religious doctrines that can be proven wrong. Disinformation has a legitimate place as part of a war plan. It can be used to greatly minimize our casualties in a war. But it does not have a rightful place in how society should work as a whole. Used on a large scale it can desensitize the population to real threats (human and/or alien) and promote political agendas (possibly murderous) that are contrary to the best interests of the public.

       We have seen enough evidence to suggest that the question is no longer can signals be sent back in time? Rather the issues are more likely, Signals have been sent back in time. What was the physical mechanism behind this feat, and did it have any impact on religious scripture and/or tradition?  Whether such signals can be acted upon to promote changes that can be projected forward again to our time remains to be seen.