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Assuming that China deliberately attack us with COVID-19, Space Force needs to shove a redirected astroid up Beijing's backside. Americans who helped them, Fourth Reicher's need to be greeted with a firing squad.This article posted on 6/10/2021.

       This article is based on information supplied by Forbes on June 7, 2021. We seem to be headed for a war with China, but nether is likely to use more than nuclear weapons or cyber weapons. In Figure 1 the axis term is CHINA WAR (at skip +76365). At the same skip are RUSSIAN and MONEY. The Russians, under pretext of a gang of hackers that call themselves the DarkSide, have already attacked our oil supplies and food supplies. That MONEY in the open text crosses the first letter of CHINA WAR suggests that money is China's primary concern as it was when they purposely destroyed much of our economy with COVID-19. China has the advantage in this war because the United States voted for essential communists for President and vice president on November 3, 2021. The FBI proved itself worthless and when Hussein Obama was elected he chose John Brennan to run our CIA. Brennan voted for a Communist (Gus Hall) for President back in 1976. Not having any other cards to play, I keep backing Fort Huachuca and any surviving U.S., U.K., or Israeli Mossad players to save America, but they're all a long shot.

FIGURE 1 and the China War above. Its probability spreadsheet is below.

THE PROBLEM. For years, the U.S. Air Force concentrated its warplanes on only two bases in the western Pacific: for fighters, Kadena Air Force Base in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture; and for bombers and big support planes, Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base.

     Beijing’s response was to build a couple thousand non-nuclear ballistic missiles and, in wartime, lob them at the bases until their runways, aprons, hangars, fuel tanks and warehouses are nothing but craters. The Chinese rocket force possesses around 1,300 ground-launched missiles with sufficient range to hit Kadena and Andersen from mainland China. The USAF plan for dodging the missile barrages with the help of spreading out hundreds of warplanes across potentially dozens of smaller bases—thus diluting the striking power of China’s rocket force.

       The Air Force won’t say exactly which bases are part of its plan, but it’s possible to make educated guesses. American territories and small island countries offer the most dependable facilities. Arguably the most important bases—in the Philippines—are accessible only at the whim of that country’s mercurial president.

       The emerging map of the USAF’s expanding base network also reveals where the service has potential airfield gaps, most glaringly in the Philippine Sea east of Taiwan. In that gap, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet might lend its sister service a helping hand—and deploy some of its 10 aircraft carriers and big-deck assault ships.


       The Air Force maintains a master list of what Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, the head of Pacific Air Forces, described as “every single piece of concrete” in the Pacific region.

“We have a plan for all of those airfields, and some of them meet the criteria and they are therefore part of what we call ‘clusters,’” Wilsbach told Air Force Magazine last year. Some of the bases are main hubs in the network; others are spokes. Aircraft, fuel, weapons and supplies—not to mention people—would move through the hubs to the smaller spoke bases. The more often people and stuff move, the safer they are from Chinese rockets. That’s the theory.

       The practice of breaking up 20-plane fighter squadrons and dispersing small detachments of jets to outlying bases is called Agile Combat Employment, or ACE. Bomber squadrons are practicing their own dispersal as part of the new Bomber Task Force operation, or BTF. The Air Force plans to reinforce the most austere airfields with pre-packed sets of equipment under the so-called Deployable Air Base System, or DABS. To move munitions along the base network, the flying branch has developed a procedure it calls “tactical ferry,” or “tac-ferry,” whereby a fighter such as an F-15E loads up with more bombs than it could ever use in combat and delivers them to whichever small airfield it’s going to be flying from. In essence, saving the weapons for later






ADDITIONAL SOLUTION. Buy addition Israeli anti-missile missiles, everything from the short-range Iron Dome to medium range David's Sling up to long-range and antisatellite Arrow 2 and Arrow 3. As I write this on 6/10/2021 Israel is in the process of restocking its missile inventory after the last round of fighting with Iran-backed Gaza. This resupply period leaves Israel with a temporary vulnerability situation. Therefore we face a new era. Israel and the United States both need to make the consequences of Chinese and Iranian/Iranian proxi adventurism very clear. Any conventional attack against Israel will be greeted by a nuclear response from Israel designed to eliminate at least one half of their population. The United States in turn will formally blame China for Covid-19 and at least 600,000 U.S. deaths. It will announce that if a single aircraft or missile attacks U.S. forces then the price paid by China will be at least equal to the 600,000 dead or more. The method of carrying out this attack does not necessarily involve standard nuclear weapons. Nor would it include collateral damage from an EMP weapon. If what Dr. Michael E. Salla writes about the U.S. having a Secret Space Program with battle cruisers up to 2.5 km long, such weapons could be used to redirect a small to medium size asteroid into Beijing and/or other Chinese targets. Bottom line: There must be no room for doubt in Chinese minds that attacking the U.S. is suicide. But here U.S, Intelligence has no room for mistakes. China's weapon up its sleeve may well be that the top 3 Americans in office - Biden, Harris and Pelosi are all Communist Chinese agents. Such a decision will require far more than Torah Code matrices to make. Certainly people like John Brennan, who voted Communist in 1976 only to be later appointed as CIA Director by Obama can't be part of the decision making process. Nor can 4th Reichers be included.

FIGURE 1 IS FINE, BUT IT DOESN'T MENTION TAIWAN OR BIDEN. WHAT DOES THE CODE SAY ABOUT THEM SPECIFICALLY? This is published on April 15, 2021 under Weak Biden and Taiwan's Fate. See Figure 3 below. Odds against it were about 5,226,728 to 1.


China could likely win a conventional war against Taiwan. But this threat may force Taiwan to quickly build nuclear weapons because they can't depend on Biden to save them. Part of this section was published on 4/15/2021.

       When Biden was elected or cheated his way to to the title of president of the United States I knew that the United States had fallen. Like the 75,000,000 other Americans who had voted to re-elect President Trump I was sickened by what had happened. I am fortunate to be a Jew because if life gets too hard here all I have to do is ask Israel for citizenship under the Law of Return and it will be granted, but my fellow non-Jewish American citizens don't have this luxury. I don't know how this country can carry on for long in its divided form. I am especially concerned that the Secretary of Defense (his name is Lloyd Austin, Mr. Biden) has taken 60 days to attempt to brainwash all U.S. military personnel and intimidate all patriotic, Conservative members of our military forces. While China Puppet Biden advances his cause of conquest of America by China, his victory also encourages China to rule the world. Topping the list of next victims is TAIWAN, the axis term on Figure 3. On April 13, 2021 China sent 25 warplanes into Taiwanese air space. At the same absolute skip are BIDEN and WEAK. In the open text crossing TAIWAN and sharing a letter vav with it is HE SLEW HIS BROTHER. This predicts Communist Chinese killing Taiwanese Chinese. JOSEPH (first name of Biden) is also in the open text touching TAIWAN.

       As I discuss elsewhere on this site, I see the Establishment that backed Biden as the Fourth Reich. The word NAZI is also on the matrix at skip -1. In the same month with Chinese warplanes threatening Taiwan on April 7, 2021 the Biden administration announced it would provide $235 million in U.S. aid to the Palestinians, restarting funding for the United Nations agency supporting refugees and restoring other assistance cut off by then-President Donald Trump. In 2021 how many rockets were fired at Israel before and after Biden’s April 7, 2021 funding of the Palestinians? The numbers show that this war against Israel was largely bought and paid for by Biden. Rebuilding the Western anti-missile inventories may encourage China to attack Taiwan, the U.S. and Australia, which was also threatened by ballistic missiles from China.

Before Biden Funds the Palestinians: On 18 January, two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip and fell in open areas near Ashdod.[1] On 20 January, one rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip.[1]

After Biden Funds the Palestinians:

April, 2021. Eight days after funding was renewed, on 15 April, one rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip.[1]  On 23 April, 36 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, of which six were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. Although there were no injuries, property was damaged in several communities in Israel. The Israeli military responded with military strikes.[2] On 24 April, two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, of which one was intercepted by the Iron Dome, and the other fell in an open area near the border fence.[1] On 25 April, five rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, of which two was intercepted by the Iron Dome and the others fell either in uninhabited areas.[1]

May, 2021. On 9 May, six rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, of which two were intercepted by the Iron Dome, two fell in open areas and two fell in the Gaza Strip.[1]  Between 10-18 May, more than 3,440 rockets were fired toward Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Jerusalem and other communities. Ten Israelis were killed. More than 90% of the rockets heading toward populated areas were intercepted by the Iron Dome. About a third fell inside the Gaza Strip. Most of the others fell in open fields.[1] By 21 May, when a ceasefire came into effect, at least 4,000 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, of which hundreds fell short and hit Gaza.[3]

A WORD ABOUT RUSSIA. RUSSIAN is Figure 1 at the same skip as CHINA WAR and USA. But Russia has been much more of an ally to the U.S. than most people know. Yes, there are Russian ransomeware hackers who have attacked our oil supplies, but this may have been permitted by Putin in revenge for the very hostile attitude displayed by Democrats during the Trump Administration.  Reality is that Russia has long been an ally of the U.S. when it comes to dealing with ETs. In March, 1960 my Uncle Eugene Roffman was part of the American contingent to an international conference in Japan that involved nondestructive testing engineers who were back engineering UFOs. This conferenced included Dr. Alexander D. Ivanov - an engineer at the Radio Research Institute in Leningrad, Prof. Dr. Mikhael N. Mikheev - Director, Physics Metal Institute, Moscow, and Pavel G. Mikhnevitch - and an engineer at the All Union Material Institute in Moscow) plus Polish scientist (Prof. Dr. Ignacy Malecki - Director, Institute of Basic Technical Problems, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw).  It was only two months before the Russians shot down a U.S. U-2 spy plane. Since then we also depended on Russia to get our astronauts to the International Space Station for 9 years and we still share it with them to this day. China gets zero access although the list of participants in the nodestructive testing (UFO) conference  included one man from Taiwan - Professor Dr. Chih-Bing LING, Director, Institute of Mathematics Academia Sinica, Taipai, Taiwan, Republic of China (not the People's Republic of China)!  I looked for ELECTRICITY to see if Russia might go after our power during a war with China. While it was not there with Russia, CHINA WAR and ELECTRICITY both occur at skip 104,357 in a 96-letter matrix that measures 6 columns by 16 rows. This is at ELS rank 2 of CHINA WAR. Odds against the match were about 264 to 1. The bottom line here is that we must be careful. China may attack our power grid but make it look like a Russian hit job, thus bringing Russia in on their side of the war.