Diagram showing the device used to measure the Casimir force

 The answer to question (2) is that 1 mm corresponds to an extremely high frequency  (300 GHz) microwave with an energy of 1.24 meV.


      Continuing this open discussion with my son, and with the knowledge that DoD and a foreign (friendly) Defense establishment accessed this article immediately after I first wrote about the Casimir Effect, it occurs to me that there is a question of causality that must be considered with respect to the entire time question. I see people that speculate on time travel in conjunction with the Casimir Effect like Dr. David Lewis Anderson who runs time studies at the Anderson Institute. A quick search on line indicates that Anderson is not (at least now) discussed on Wikipedia, and there is an article that claims the Government had an article there pulled down.  Normally, if they think the guy is a nut, they would at least post a criticism of him. So I asked my son, Dr. David Roffman to look at Anderson's math to see if he agreed or could spot immediate red flags, and he did so on November 5, 2017.  Sadly, here is what he sent me:


Anderson's website provides numerous well known derivations for physical situations that occur with Casimir Effect.  The material is at most at the level of a 1st year graduate course in quantum mechanics or electrodynamics.  His claims of time travel are unsubstantiated as he quickly discusses this after a textbook derivation with no evidence to back up his claims.  It appears that he just does "textbook style derivations" and then makes claims with no way to connect the two.

        This still leaves us with the question of why L-3, DoD and other intruiging players are so interested in David Roffman? It could be that they know he will make a breakthrough. Thus they sent Joseph to confront me at the library in 2016 as described above, and they managed to get Brookhaven on the reverse end of my IP address and bug everything we write in a way that is very easy to follow (and document). But we now know they are "here" almost continually or truly continually. So, in a sense, they may be (perhaps along with me) forcing my son to focus on the topic, though it would help a lot if they simply directed the company that hired him to give him problems that line him up the right way to make the discovery. However, if someone in the future has the technology to send something through time then why take a chance to mess things up by getting our attention as they have? If they did not take the action that we have seen, would it make any difference? Would someone else give them what they want?