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Torah Code foresees Netanyahu cutting off President Obama


     On the small (152-letter) matrix below, the axis term (first term sought) is BARACK OBAMA.  The name appears at its second lowest ELS, at a skip of -22,126. Curiously, the name Barack is not only in sequence with OBAMA, but there is a second appearance of BARACK that is at skip -1. It shares the final letter kuf with the first BARACK.  The word for PRESIDENT (it also means prince) is in the open text (skip +1) on the same line as BARACK. The Israeli Prime Minister’s name (NETANYAHU) is at skip +1.  The fate prescribed by Torah for a man who has done wrong is there in the open text, crossing BARACK OBAMA.  The phrase (from Numbers 19:13) reads THAT PERSON (soul) SHALL BE CUT OFF FROM ISRAEL. Finally, it was pointed out to me by Rabbi Glazerson that there is still a third Barak on the matrix - E. BARAK (at skip -1) standing for EHUD BARAK.  He is the former Israeli Prime Minister who tried to give away East Jerusalem to Yasir Arafat at Camp David.  He is also the current Israeli Defense Minister.  Arafat declined the offer, and a Palestinian State, demanding the right of return of Palestinians to undisputed Israel is an effort to destroy any remaining Israeli State.

     Despite concerns over Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim ties, exit polls in the 2008 election showed that 78% of Jewish voters cast their ballots for him.  This correlates well with an article which states that, “The proportion of Jewish synagogue members who were Orthodox rose from 11% in 1971 to 21% in 2000, while the overall Jewish community declined in number.”  So, if 21% were Orthodox, then 79% were not – very close to the 78% exit poll.  Most American Jews who are not Orthodox are more concerned with social issues than they are with Israel, or with following Torah.  However, the correlation is not perfect, in part because some Orthodox Jews do not support Israel due to its secular government.  A few think that Israel has no right to exist until the Messiah comes. 

      By and large, Israel has been hugely dependent on the U.S. for its survival since it was reestablished in 1948.  There have been rifts at times, but when a war arose between Israel and its Arab neighbors, Israel could usually (but not always) count on U.S. military aid in the form of required munitions up to a certain point – and then America would demand a halt to Israeli advances on the battlefield.  An example of such an imposed halt was when, after losing at first in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel cut off the Egyptian Third Army in the Sinai from its water supplies, crossed the Suez Canal, and was headed for Cairo. 

     As Israel is not the 51st state, the U.S. does not have total control.  During the 1967 Six Day War, by some accounts, Israel believed the U.S. spy ship Liberty was delivering intelligence to the Egyptians.  As such, Israel deliberately attacked the ship. Thirty four Americans died in the attack, but the war returned all of Jerusalem back into Israeli hands, 1,897 years after the Roman Army destroyed the Jewish Capital and the Second Temple.  Until President Obama assumed office, the Liberty incident was probably the low point in U.S. – Israeli relations, although the explanations about an accident at the time of the Liberty attack were generally enough to bypass the fact that Israel is a sovereign nation that, when required, (like every other nation) has the right to do whatever is needed to survive and re-obtain what is rightly its own territory.

     There has never been a U.S. president as openly hostile toward Israel as Obama.  He has, as president, visited several Muslim capitals, but he has avoided Israel.  His promises of stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons are a joke.  The threat of more sanctions, without support by Russia and China, have been absolutely meaningless.  President Obama apparently thought that Israel would be so stupid as to react with glee to the #2 man in the U.S. coming there.  But he came demanding that Israel, a Jewish nation, should not build homes for Jews in their own capital! And what was offered in return? The mere hope that at some time in the future the U.S. might get sanctions passed against Iran. The President must be truly naïve. Israel rightly answered Vice President Biden’s feeble bid with a slap in the face.  This is why it announced that it would build 1,600 new homes for Jews in Jerusalem.  How would Obama react to any foreign leader's demand that a particular American race or religion could not build homes in Washington D.C.?

      On March 17, 2010, I heard a Fox news reporter accuse Prime Minister Netanyahu of bullying President Obama.  Israel is not bullying the U.S.  Rather, the slap in Biden’s face was a legitimate response to the Obama Administration’s attempt to bully Israel. Netanyahu needs to be as clear as he was at the U.N. in his speech delivered on  September 24, 2009. If the U.S. is so concerned about returning the Jewish capital to the Arabs, let it first return to Mexico and the native Americans what it took by force from them.  Israel faces an existential threat from Iran.  The clock is ticking for Iran to get the Bomb, and Obama is not up to the job of defending anyone.  Israel may have to grow up and cut its ties with America until the next President comes to power.  Hopefully he (or she) will be a person who believes in the Bible, and who knows that the only nation in the Bible with a true Manifest Destiny is Israel.


POLITICS ASIDE, THE STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE.  How do I evaluate a matrix like this?  Well, I never assign any significance to the axis term (here BARACK OBAMA). It is either there, in which case the a-priori key words can be evaluated, or it’s not there – in which case we have nothing to evaluate at all.  BARACK OBAMA is 8 letters in Hebrew, which is the most common limit on length of names at an ELS are found in the Torah.  So what were the a priori terms found? NETANYAHU, BARACK, and PRESIDENT. Before any adjustment of the odds due to the axis term ELS rank 2 (which halves the overall significance), the p values and odds for the key words were as follows: NETANYAHU (0.00791 which is about 1 chance in 125),  BARACK (0.155 which is about 1 chance in 6), and PRESIDENT (0.0033 which is about 1 chance 29).  What about THAT PERSON (soul) SHALL BE CUT OFF FROM ISRAEL?  No probability can be honestly calculated for it because the specific words were not sought a priori.  However, the theme matches the a priori search of a slap in the face.  Without this phrase, or something like it, the matrix would be worthless with respect to how Israel should respond to an American demand that Jews should not be able to build homes in Jerusalem. The overall p value of the matrix, as is shown on the spreadsheet below, is estimated at 8.22 E-5, which is about one chance in 12,165.  The matrix is thus judged to be very significant.  It would be even more significant if we count E. BARAK, however that was not an a priori term that I sought initially, although it did occur to me to look for the alef before BARAK after Rabbi Glazerson pointed out the additional Barak.  Rabbi Glazerson's Obama matrix is posted at More Obama.  

     The odds just cited are for rules permitting both unwrapped and wrapped searches for BARACK OBAMA. The wrapped rules permit more than 1 computer pass through the 304,805 letters of Torah.  With these rules, the lowest ELS for BARACK OBAMA is at skip +21,317, and the second lowest ELS is at skip -22,126. However, if only unwrapped rules are applied, then the ELS of BARACK OBAMA shown on the matrix is at the lowest skip, and the value is about twice as significant.  Many Israeli Codes researchers do not use software capable of finding wrapped matrices.  I use CodeFinder software because it permits such searches.  Other Orthodox Jews do not use it because it offers New Testament files. These do not in any way affect the Torah searches, but the product is deemed unkosher by some because they will not permit such material into their homes.  Sadly, the Codefinder producer, Kevin Acres, refuses to publish a kosher version of his software to please the (other) Orthodox users. The impasse greatly reduces the quality and quantity of potential Torah Code finds.