STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FIGURE 1. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here OBAMA IN CUBA at its only skip in wrapped Torah. The primary a priori word sought was EMBARASSED. It was sought not only because of Obama's limp hand, but also because President Raul Castro did not bother to go out to the airport to greet Obama when Air Force One landed in Havana. It was found at a special case skip against odds of about 21 to 1. ISLAM was found against odds of about 15.8 to 1. Odds against the other special case skip terms were (1) NO HAND at skip +1: 8.3 to 1 with no extra value assigned for the ELS parallel to the axis term, (2) ENEMY 5.7 to 1 and (3) UFO 2.65 to 1. Combined odds against the entire matrix being found by chance were about 41,396 to 1.

SO WHAT ABOUT OTHER WEIRD OBAMA STUFF? Well, there is some humor on my part when I discuss this subject, but I explore claims about Obama being a Reptilian Alien at I discuss the idea that key members of our Government may have been abducted by aliens and implanted with mind control devices. These charges sound crazy, but not as crazy as a Republican Senate and House that allow Obama to ensure that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. There are also claims that Michelle Obama has the Adam's Apple of a man. You can find that at