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It's Encoded at the Same Skip as Foolish, But Can We End It All Now? (2/26/2012)

One of my first active duty military memories dates from flight school in Pensacola, Florida in 1970. There I learned that on the same base the U.S. Navy was simultaneously training Israeli and Jordanian pilots. That was before the peace treaty between those two nations, who were technically still in a state of war with each other. That was also the first time that I questioned the wisdom of foreign aid, although back then we at least had the excuse that we wanted all the nations we could get on our side, and not on the Soviet side. The Soviet Union is now defunct. Ron Paul again ranted against foreign aid during his February 22, 2012 debate, so I took a look at what the Torah Code has to say on the topic.

     Congressman Paul said that, "Foreign aid should annoy all Americans." Apparently at least some of it annoys the Author of the Torah Coder, Who chose to encode the only appearance of FOREIGN AID with a word for FOOLISH  at the same skip. This was found a-priori. Odds against a match like this with FOOLISH at a special case skip (+/-1 or the skip of the axis term) were about 93 to 1. Appropriately enough, in the open text running through FOREIGN AID was the phrase AND SOME GATHERED MORE AND SOME LESS. On the same line with this phrase and right before it is ISRAEL. I thought that they gathered the most foreign aid, but a Wikipedia article listed it in third place in FY 2010 with $2.835 billion in aid (mostly military) behind Afghanistan ($11.4468 billion) and Pakistan ($2.8535 billion). Pakistan, for its aid, provided a home for Bin Laden until we took him out without Pakistani permission, and Afghanistan will surely return to its Taliban ways the moment we decide that it makes no sense to continue squandering U.S. military lives and resources there. Pakistan also recently indicated that if Iran is attacked, it will support them, not the U.S.  Surely foreign aid to Pakistan and Afghanistan makes less sense than, say, aid to victims of natural disasters in the United States.     
       Of the other countries shown on the matrix, we see Egypt. Actually, we see KING OF EGYPT, and while Mubarak was Egypt's President, in addition to massive foreign aid to Egypt ($1.689 billion in FY 2010), President Obama did everything in his power to overthrow our friend. Today the Muslim Brotherhood rules Egypt. They had earlier assassinated President Sadat after he made a peace treaty with Israel. The new Egyptian Government is threatening to abrogate that treaty despite all the aid received, not to mention the return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in exchange for peace. The U.S. is currently threatening to cut $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt due to their threat to put 16 Americans on trial.
      The nation of Obama's father (and possibly the nation where the President was born too), KENYA, touches FOREIGN AID. KENYA received $818.7 million in foreign aid in FY 2012. 
     The word ENEMY is on the matrix touching FOREIGN AID.  IRAN is also on the matrix. ISRAEL supplied aid to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war with the hope that Iran would be less radical and have friendly relations with Israel as it did when the Shah of Iran ruled. That foreign aid proved to be foolish too, and the two nations may soon be involved in a nuclear war. And, of course, whatever military aid including aircraft that we gave Iran before its Islamic revolution, has been a threat to the West since that time. Iran has 44 U.S. built F-14 Tomcat fighters, 25 of which are operational. It still has another 65 F-4D/E Phantom jets, although these are being phased out. To help its planes have a greater range for mischief, it has 5 Boeing 747s and 10 Boeing 707s that are used for aerial refueling. It also has 15 C-130 Hercules aircraft that can transport terrorists and the equipment, and another 4 Rockwell Commander 690 transport aircraft. Its Navy, which now threatens to mine the Straights of Hormus, derived 21 helicopters from the U.S including 15 Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King aircraft that threaten our submariners, and 6 Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion aircraft that have mine warfare capabilities.

     LIBYA is on the matrix. On March 24, 2011, FoxNews.Com reported that "while President Obama calls Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi a threat to his own people, just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi's military to $1.7 million. According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force, secure its borders and to counter terrorism. "

     The United States owes China $1.2 trillion in debt in FY 2012, however Governor Romney recently made an issue out of the fact that our Government gives $10 million in foreign aid to CHINA, which is on the matrix.
      Now, should we cut all foreign aid, as Congressman Paul suggests? Obviously it is foolish to aid those who are our enemies. This is especially true with respect to military aid to places like Afghanistan. Note - I see Afghan pilots training to land aircraft at Patrick Air Force Base, about three miles from my home. I have to wonder about whether the Italian-made planes I see them fly there will eventually be used to attack American targets.       
       And what about aid to Israel? With them we get what we pay for - a true ally. While it is tempting to suggest that like a child who was finished college, it's time to cut him or her loose into the world and let them fend for themselves, Israel has almost always looked out for American interests. Its values are so much like American values that it could almost be thought of as the 51st state. It must be protected until Iran and militant Islam are defeated. To Iran, Israel is the little Satan. But to them, the United States is the Great Satan. If they had one bomb to use, it is just as likely (if not more so) to be used against America as against Israel. We need Israeli Intelligence to keep ahead of them (there are lots of Israelis who speak Farsi, the Iranian language). An Iranian EMP bomb is much more likely to employed against American than Israel (where it would knock out many Muslim states too, if not Iran itself).
     Iran is plainly led by people who are insane. Here, as elsewhere on my site, I recommend my readers to take 28 minutes or less to skim through an Iranian propaganda video to hear what they are saying about their belief that the Mahdi is going to return from the dead soon, and how that fits in with their belief in the necessity of an apocalyptic war in the very near future. Click here and scroll down to watch the film, THE COMING IS UPON US. You may want to skip ahead to where the English subtitles begin which is at 2:40 into the video. When you see this film you will understand why Ron Paul is naive in thinking that all aid should be cut to everyone now. However I do agree with him that with the exception of horrendous natural disasters, our money needs to stay home helping America and getting us out of debt. My son just earned his space physics degree. But our space program is near dead for lack of funding, and there are no jobs that match his degree. His generation is a generation without exciting goals. We need some of that foreign aid money to go to people like my son and the 5,000 Americans recently laid off from work at the Kennedy Space Center when America retired its last man-rated spacecraft.
       There are indeed terrific prospects for our future; and all the money being wasted on foreign aid can pay for many of them. But first we must defeat fundamental Islam. We won't do that by funding or supplying any Muslim military force. So, in conclusion, the Torah is pretty much right on. FOREIGN AID, at least as we have dished it out, is FOOLISH. It's time to largely pull the plug.
STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MATRIX. As per my standard protocol, no statistical significance is assigned to the axis term, here FOREIGN AID at its lowest skip in Torah. The only really significant match was with FOOLISH at a special case skip (+/-1 or the skip of the axis term). Chances against it appearing this way were about 93 to 1. The term KING OF EGYPT was of interest because of the imprisonment of Mubarak. It had about 1 chance in 37 of being on the matrix. The phrase AND SOME GATHERED MORE AND SOME LESS was found a-posteriori, so it is not part of the calculation. ISRAEL, ENEMY, IRAN and LIBYA all were more likely to be be on the matrix individually than calling a coin toss correctly. For CHINA and KENYA the odds of each being there was between 1 in 2 and 1 in 3. The combined odds against the full matrix existing are shown on the spreadsheet at about 46,220 to 1, but these odds are deceiving. Why? When you look at the map of the world and how many countries are receiving foreign aid, you will quickly see that there were many nations that I could have sought that were not sought. Further, although some of my Torah Codes colleagues disagree with me on this, I can't get too excited about combining odds for a bunch of terms with such high probabilities to be there. For ISRAEL in the open text p was about 0.6, for ENEMY 0.84, for IRAN 0.9 and for LIBYA 0.99. There were also other synonyms for FOOLISH that might have been sought. In the end, the a-posteriori phrase AND SOME GATHERED MORE AND SOME LESS should simply be appreciated in its place the way a work of art or literature should be appreciated, without a mathematical evaluation. Israel gathers more, and in precedes this phrase, other nations further from it gather less. All is, in some sense foolish because if we and other nations did not send so much military aid to the world's extremists and they weren't so busy killing each other with it, it would be much easier for nations to feed themselves and get along with each other.