FEBRUARY 1, 2021: Time Machine, Hitler, Rotating Superconductors, Ezekiel, & His Wheels. This article, originally published in 2011 and updated in 2014 and 2018, has been updated again. Figure 1 is new.
JANUARY 29, 2021: DEEP STATE BIDEN. This article is under construction but you can view its two amazing matrices now.
JANUARY 22, 2021: BIDEN TAKES OATH WITHOUT NORMAL SPECTATORS. Joseph Biden is encoded with Kamala Harris taking the Oath on the correct day and month. But military investment is necessary to refine the search capability.
JANUARY 17, 2021: Don Lemon calls Trump voters “Nazis.” Fort Huachuca reminds us of similar remarks found in the Code on 11/6/2018. Figure 4 is new. The write up for Figure 4 is in progress.
UPDATED JANUARY 14, 2021: 2021 INAUGURATION: CODES AND PRESS SECURITY CONCERNS. Figure 2 and its probability spreadsheet are new. This matrix supports the idea that President Trump would be impeached during the Biden Inauguration period. It also makes clear that the inauguration will be dangerous. As it turns out there will be at least 20,000 National Guard troops protecting our recently attacked capitol plus another 5,000 active duty troops.
January 7, 2021 update of a December 27, 2019 article: Will Militias Back Trump in a New Civil War?

About three days ago in my article about tic tac UFOs I wrote the following:

…To 70% of my fellow Jews out there this means that what you did in voting to remove President Trump from office is to advance the cause of those who want to shove you back into the ovens. But it’s worse than that. Salla’s Navy book was published back in 2017 when President Trump was only beginning to fight the impeachment war launched against him by Nazi liberals. What Salla overlooked is that the FBI is no friend. Their leadership did everything they could to try to slice his neck. The tragedy here is that while all this crap was going on most people who were involved in the impeachment effort and corruption of the 2020 election were effectively rendered brain-dead.  This is why I think Trump should carry out a near total disclosure of alien issues in time to stop any transition of power until things calm down. However, if I were him, I’d want my kids and wife in Israel and protected by them before going public. I think the President has the guts to risk his own life. But I’m sure he doesn’t want to put them at risk. If the U.S. goes Socialist or worse on January 20, 2021, Israel, as imperfect as it is, may have to vie to be its moral replacement.

Updated evaluation early in the evening of January 6, 2021:

I started this day hoping for disclosure. What happened after the President spoke to about 100,000 people near the White House was almost as wild as what I expect to see if he gives us a full UFO disclosure. His fans turned around, and at his request, stormed the Capitol Building while hearings were in progress to certify the electors for the 2020 election. The protestors took it all over completely. One woman was shot to death, but there was little property damage. After hours of Trump fans occupying the building, a one minute 1 second pre-recorded video was released by the President in which he asked people  to peacefully go home. They did, and the building was soon secured. On the same night the Congress went back in session. I suspected that something was odd about Trump’s one minute speech in Twitter. That it was taped seemed to suggest that he might be fleeing the country. He had insisted this day that the election was stolen from him and that he won in a landslide. That doesn’t line up real well with the idea of the President sharing the ride to the Capitol with Biden on January 20, 2021. The next thing that seemed odd is that when the Mayor of Washington D.C. called the Pentagon to get more National Guard troops, the Pentagon turned to Vice President Pence to get that permission. WHY DID THEY NOT ASK THE PRESIDENT???? Pence did in fact issue the order after he refused to honor the President’s request to stop the hearings to certify the election.

Despite the fact that I am an ardent Trump fan, given the fact that the Democrats will now control both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court after they pack the Court, and the media, Trump seems almost certain to face criminal charges before or after Inauguration Day. There is no way out of this predicament unless he goes through with full disclosure. If he does this I would suggest that he does so with two things in hand: An antigravity spacecraft (with an alien) and a corrected version of Figure 2 along with a list of major traitors who have served the Fourth Reich instead of America. Fox News just announced that there is reason to believe that Trump’s Cabinet executed the 25th Amendment. If this is true then nothing short of full disclosure can save him. I need to hear more, but the question I asked about whether General Milley would support the President or the extreme Left in a civil war might have been answered by General Milley going to Vice President Pence rather than the President for permission to call out the National Guard.

Update on January 7, 2021: President Trump issued another taped statement in which he claimed that he, not Vice President Pence, approved deployment of National Guard troops. This appears to contradict the facts which beg the question of why? Since the film was prerecorded, it is possible that the original plan was for him to call out the Guard, but Trump resisted and so Pence did it for him. By the time Pence issued the order Trump might have already left the White House, so this the prerecorded film did not match what actually went down. Very oddly on the film he said, “Serving as the president has been the honor of his lifetime and “the journey is just beginning.” He loves surprises. While I speculate about whether he will try to reach Israel or elsewhere on Earth to go into exile, if Salla is right about us having antigravity spacecraft, Trump could theoretically do a disclosure speech from the moon or beyond. If he doesn’t have something like this up his sleeve then Schumer and Pelosi’s call for the 25th Amendment is likely appropriate.  We will know that he has lost his mind.


JANUARY 3, 2021: Updated emails between Ebrahimi and Barry Roffman on 1 & 3 January 2021.

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