December 23, 2013: Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson terminated from his biblical beliefs about homosexuality.
December 17, 2013: Utah court rules in favor of polygamy.
December 15, 2013: The Torah Code and a Nobel prize winner show how to reverse the effects of aging.
December 8, 2013: China starts a crisis by declaring an air defense  identification zone over Japanese islands.
December 5, 2013: Nelson Mandela dies at the age of 95.
December 2, 2013: 2014 dates encoded.
November 25, 2013: Is the Obama-Kerry Iran nuke deal a mistake based on a hoax?
November 20, 2013: Mars Maven rocket set for launch  today. Its mission is in the torah code.
November 8, 2013: Obama apologizes for broken promise to keep your healthcare plan.
October 31, 2013: Kathleen Sebelius & Obama struggle with the truth about the Obamacare malfunction.
October 28, 2013: Should Comet Ison be the cause of hysteria?
October 16, 2013: Our national debt will likely mean the end of America.
October 14, 2013: Obama chooses another Jew (Janet Yellen) to head the Fed. Why?
September 30, 2013: If the government is shut, is it the fault of Obama, Reed or Boehner?
September 23, 2013: Al Qaeda wing attacks Israeli built mall in Kenya
September 13, 2013: Vladimir Putin’s peace plan and NY Times op-ed.
September 4, 2013: Armageddon, Assad and Holocaust  – a new look at these links after a senate resolution authorizing u.s. force in Syria.
August 29, 2013: Intelligence against Assad approving chemical weapons is from Israel.
August 21, 2013: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years for wiki leak spying
August 19, 2013: Report that Egyptian president Mubarak will be freed from prison.
August 7, 2013: Update on the trial of Fort Hood shooter “Major” Hasan.
August 6, 2013: It’s one year today since MSL landed on Mars.  What have we learned about weather there? Why is the record dubious?
August 1, 2013:  Snowden is finally granted political asylum in Russia, but he might be on a future U.S. presidential ticket.
July 31, 2013: Fear of Obama and Kerry forces Netanyahu to release 104 terrorists from prison and to restart peace talks.
July 23, 2013: Bill O’Reilly attacks Obama’s racist remarks about the acquittal of George Zimmerman.
July 18, 2013. In a break from my scientific mars research, I looked to see if the torah code has a hint about what happened to ancient Martian seas. The answer? See Flood on mars.
July 14, 2013: George Zimmerman found  not guilty of killing Travon. There are 3 matrices in torah about it.
July 12. 2013: Evidence that mars science laboratory weather reports have been severely altered.  Is it due to politics?
July 5, 2013. As Egyptian president Morsi seems to fall in a coup, an old matrix about Mohammed El-Baradei raises its head. Was this matrix found in 2011 a correct prediction?
June 27, 2013: Mullah Omar vows to retake Kabul, Afghanistan one week after a u.s pullout.
June 24, 2013: Nelson Mandela’s fate was encoded in Torah.
June 20, 2013: Was TWA flight 800 shot down by an Arab missile?
June 13, 2013: Edward Snowden stands up against the loss of privacy that George Orwell warned us about.
June 12, 2013: Boy Scouts repudiate the bible, allowing homosexuals scout leaders
June 3, 2013: Storm chaser show’s star, his son and cameraman killed chasing a tornado in Oklahoma.
May 29, 2013: Swiss move against kosher food.
May 20, 2013: Allah Akbar: he who commits murder and terror in god’s name blasphemes god’s name
May 12,  2013: Jodi Arias murder case
May 2, 2013: Is there a North Korean connection to the Boston bombing?
May 1, 2013: 90-minute radio interview of Barry Roffman about mars and the government’s cover-up of high pressure and life there.
May 1, 2013: Obama is up against chemical red line he painted for Assad. Another war may lay ahead.
APRIL 28, 2013: The passing of Sue Bradley, a righteous gentile.
April 21, 2013: Where is God? The Torah Code offers an answer consistent with scripture, but is it enough?
April 19, 2013: Boston marathon bombers found  – Tsarneav brothers
April 17, 2013: Boston marathon bombed. Is North Korea behind it and sending poisonous ricen to senator roger wicker?
April 14, 2013: Despite Obama’s promise and executive order, the Guantanamo prison camp remains open.
April 11, 2013: A codes look at Erich von Daniken and his chariots of the gods book.
April 8, 2013: Atomic holocaust, Obama, and North Korea.
April 5, 2013: Can Chuck Hagel handle North Korea’s nuclear threats? What about Iran?
March 29, 2013: Kim Jong-Un threatens a nuclear attack on the U.S., North Korean video shows Obama burning in nuclear flames.
March 25, 2013: University student punished for refusing to step on the name of jesus.
March 25, 2013: Mars hoax. Government-funded Ashima research and the msl remote environmental monitoring station REMS) team pump out obvious disinformation about mars weather – even the sunrise and sunset times are totally wrong.
March 19, 2013: President Obama’s visit to Israel.
March 14, 2013: TSA administrator John Pistole wants knives back on passenger planes.
March 13, 2013: Bergoglio chosen for pope. This page takes an U.S. initial look at how is is seen in the code, and at 5 other men who were candidates for the papacy.
March 12, 2013: Cardinal Mahony votes for pope on the day that the l.a. archdiocese settles a $10 million sex abuse law suit.
March 11, 2013: Governor Rick Perry’s position on reduced tuition to children of illegal aliens is revisited.
March 11, 2013: Will cancer take Obama as it took Hugo Chavez?
February 27, 2013: Millionaire/astronaut Dennis Tito to fund launch, on January 5, 2018, of a married couple around mars.
February 22, 2013: Chris Dorner, angry ex-policeman, seeks justice, murders 4, and is burned.
February 14, 2013: Asteroid 2012da14 to pass closer than our geosynchronous satellites today. Russia hit first with a 10-ton meteor.
February 14, 2013: Israel will attempt to be 3rd to land on the moon.
February 12, 2013: Pope resigns, health  a factor.
February 4, 2013: Ahmadinejad wants to be an astronaut.
January 30, 2013: have the Israelis, with Arab help, blown up the Iranian fordo nuclear facility?
January 28, 2013: Ariel Sharon shows signs of recovery after 7 years in a vegetative state.
January 23, 2013: Netanyahu wins Israeli election, Yair Lapid is 2nd.
January 19, 2013: Lance Armstrong admits to cheating.
January 17, 2013: New PowerPoint presentation makes clear how our government is deceiving us about mars.
January 11, 2013: Jack Lu: the Vatican’s finance Jew? A look at the issue of Jews consistently chosen to run our economy.
January 4, 2013: Government fails to provide the public with meaningful weather reports from the mars science laboratory. Is it deliberate or due to incompetence? Clear answers are found here with proof.
January 1, 2013: Upcoming film will show that Hitler likely survived world war 2 and was given refuge in Argentina. I have some personal information about this claim.
January 1, 2013: What full dates are encoded for 2013? Check the list.

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