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ARK CODE, Searching for the Ark of the Covenant using ELS Maps from the Bible Code, is available at Amazon.Com for $14.22 or directly from the publisher for a limited time while on sale for only $10.00 including shipping!  To buy it for $10.00, click on this link to Pay Pal and then the Buy Now button.

ARK CODE shows that the Torah contains a series of Equidistant Letter Spaced (ELS) maps that appear to point to the long-hidden location of the Ark of the Covenant. Key site names are encoded in such manner as to have the angles between Temple Mount in Jerusalem, sites in the area of the El Zuqba Peninsula surrounded by Lake Bardawil of the Northern Sinai of Egypt, and the suspect Ark site correspond to actual course headings on real world maps.

Much more than just a set of mathematical proofs, this book details the history of the Ark, alternate theories about its location, the first seven years of my Torah Codes research (1997 to 2004), how the ELS maps were discovered; and why I resigned my high school science teaching job (at Santaluces High in Lantana, Florida) to set sail with my family for our first expedition in Egypt in quest of the Ark in 1999. The reader will be treated not only to the adventure itself (still ongoing with a second, 2005 expedition after publication – and another in the works); but also will be given a glimpse into the personalities of other key Code researchers like Dr. Eliyahu Rips (Hebrew University), Dr. Robert Haralick (City University New York), former Pentagon code-breaker Harold Gans, and the biggest Codes skeptic – Dr. Brendan McKay (Australian National University).

Michael Drosnin’s initial book on the subject (THE BIBLE CODE, Simon and Schuster, 1997) was a best seller that focused on Codes-based predictions of a nuclear war in the Middle East. In ARK CODE, you will read about my meetings with the Egyptian Government on this subject, and learn what was done in an effort to alter the potentially disastrous timeline in question.

With a copy of ARK CODE in hand, and the updated information provided on this site, you’ll have all the information required to arrive at an educated opinion about the existence of a predictive Code in the Bible.

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