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ARK CODE RESEARCH: For 23 years I’ve studied the Bible Code to learn if it contains the site of the Ark of the Covenant. Why? Michael Drosnin’s (1997) book, THE BIBLE CODE, claimed the future of the world, including an atomic holocaust, is encoded in Torah. As a military planner with Hebrew skills, I needed to know if Drosnin’s predictions were valid; and suspected that a real Code would include the location of the Ark. After 2 expeditions to Egypt, I’ve concluded that any idea of a general predictive Code needs to be modified in accordance with Talmudic principles and the concept of Free Will. Drosnin’s atomic holocaust warnings were not statistically significant, but others I found were. The redundant maps summarized below and throughout this site are very significant. They strongly suggest an Ark Code that pinpoints where Jeremiah hid the Ark when he was forced into Egyptian exile (Jeremiah 43:7).

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